What is ASC?

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What is an Autistic Spectrum condition

ASC is a neuro developmental condition that affects communication, social interaction and flexible imagination. It is a life-long condition and it affects approximately 1 in 100 people.

Symptoms are usually present in childhood. It is a spectrum condition so affects people differently.

Social communication difficulties

Difficulties understanding verbal and non- verbal communication, e.g. Gestures or tone of voice. Delayed or absent speech or unusual speech development e.g. Echolalia. Literal understanding. Difficulties in processing information

Social interaction difficulties

Difficulties reading others’ feelings or intentions. Difficulties in initiating or sustain friendships. Difficulties in recognising and expressing their own emotions. Socially inappropriate behaviour.

Flexible imagination

Repetitive and restrictive behaviours, obsessional interests. Prefer routine and struggle with change. Repetitive movements e.g. hand flapping, spinning.

Other common symptoms:

Sensory differences

Over or under sensitivity to sound, touch, taste, smells, Light, colours, temperatures and pain. Sensory overload in particular environments.


Particularly in social situations, changes in routines and sensory stimulating environments.

Difficulties in managing emotions

Meltdowns, social withdrawal from situations.

ASC can overlap with other neuro-developmental conditions. E.g. ADHD, Tics, dyspraxia, dyslexia etc.

Diagnosis can help identify a child’s needs so that appropriate strategies can be put in place to support them. It can help a young person understand themselves better.

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