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Diagnostic Assessments

Child and Adolescent Autism Spectrum Assessment

Child and Adolescent ADHD Assessment

Child and Adolescent Combined Autism and ADHD Assessment

Adult Autism Spectrum Assessment

Adult ADHD Assessment

Adult Adolescent Combined Autism and ADHD Assessment

Speech and Language Assessment

A speech and language assessment can provide key information in the assessment process for Autism. The assessment will involve the use of evidence-based tools to assess:

  • Non-verbal communication
  • Language comprehension
  • Language use
  • Vocabulary and sentence structure
  • Conversational skills

Occupational Therapy Assessment

An Occupational Therapy assessment can help us to understand what unique set of sensory needs an individual may have and how to better support them in environments such as school or work.

ADHD / ASD Life Skills Coaching

Our highly skilled life skills coach has over 20 years’ experience and extensive knowledge in ADHD and ASD. Coaching individuals with ADHD/ ASD will explore how your condition impacts your daily life. Your coach will build motivation and provide regular progress monitoring and constructive feedback. Anyone can benefit from coaching, together with your coach, you will assess your personal strengths and areas for development. You will work together to learn how to maximize your strengths to become more in control and productive.

Clinical Psychology

Our Clinical Psychologist provides specialist assessments of neurodiversity, alongside cognitive assessments and works with families formulating their child’s differences and identifying the appropriate intervention and support. She is a sleep counsellor and is skilled in supporting improved sleeping behaviour for children with additional needs. She has specialist knowledge and experience in offering relational and parenting support to families, both individual and within group settings.


Schools training packages

We can provide bespoke training on ASC and ADHD to schools and colleges, please contact us on info with any enquiries.

Corporate training packages

Many people who are on the autistic spectrum are highly intelligent and have outstanding skill sets which can enhance many businesses.

However, many aspects of recruitment, workplace environments and social interaction expectations may be more challenging for people with neurodiversity.

We can offer

  • Autism Spectrum disorder and Attention deficit assessments for employees
  • Individualised reports to help identify what reasonable adjustments may be required
  • Bespoke training to businesses on ASC/ADHD
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